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Our Ethos

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Our Story

OnCare was established in 2015, initially focusing on Home Health services, to offer an extra layer of care to residents living at Heritage Communities in Omaha, Nebraska. Since then, two hospice programs have been started and each OnCare service has expanded outside of Heritage Communities to serve other senior living residences and individuals in private homes. OnCare Hospice began accepting patients in Omaha in November of 2021. The location in Peoria, Arizona accepted their first patient in February 2023.

Our Ethos

Hospice is a mission of service. Together, we collaborate with patients, families and communities to promote comfort, dignity, and autonomy through life’s final moments.

Embracing this purpose, we pledge to cultivate an environment of trust, respect, and understanding. We recognize that hospice can be a heavy burden, and we pledge that we will not forget to have fun when appropriate. We are always learning. We actively seek opportunities to enhance our skills and improve our care, both individually and as a team. We strive for growth and progress, knowing that even the smallest steps forward make a significant difference.

Above all, we are united in our devotion to serving those who need us. We approach our sacred calling with humility and grace, fully aware of the power we possess. Our purpose goes beyond providing comfort; it is to transform the way people experience death. With empathy as our guide, we bring solace, joy, and profound moments of peace to those entrusted to our care. Together, we shape a legacy of compassion, leaving an indelible mark on the lives we touch.

Our Core Values


Show Empathy and Caring in Action

Take Time to Listen and Learn

Practice Acts of Kindness

Create a Positive Outlook

Instill Hope

Motivate Others


Be Thoughtful of Other’s Feelings

Seek to Understand Others

Show Gratitude

Practice Self-compassion

Affirm the Other Person

Keep Your Promises


Display Competence, Commitment, Caring, and Consistency

Influence Others through Action

Admit When You’re Wrong

Communicate Effectively

Be Vulnerable

Be Willing to Compromise



Encourage Creativity and Energy

Seek Out Laughter

Enjoy the Little Moments

Practice Mindfulness

Connect With Others

Always Learning

Refine Existing Skills

Focus on Emerging Skills

Stay Curious and Seek Wonder

Embrace Challenges

Dedicate to Personal Growth

Seek and Openly Receive Feedback

Our Team

Nursing Team

Traci Eckles


Kelly Karls


Karen Conner


Christine Johnson


Tiffany Mohs


Kaitlyn Payer


Tara Thompson


Marissa Curthis

Marissa Curtis


Psychosocial Team

Demetrius Warren

Social Worker

Allie Schjoth

Care Support Specialist

Felicia Magaña Voorhees

Music Therapist

Celeste Brutus 

Chaplain Bereavement

Administrative Team

John Buckley

SVP Hospice

Jenn Riley

Clinical Manager

Taylor Jackson

Director of Psychosocial Services

Easton Rutherford

Community Relations Director

Katie Kreifel

Community Relations Manager

Riley Dohman

Office Director

Medical Team

Dr. Dahlke

Medical Director

Dr. Geditz

Assistant Medical Director

Kate Horn

Clinical Oversight Nurse Practitioner