Medical Social Work

Social workers help evaluate how your lifestyle, home environment and daily challenges may contribute to your health or increased acute episodes. They provide resources to achieve goals and manage a variety of services from scheduling community assistance programs to offering emotional support.

If you have social health needs, they will connect you with the resources and services to help.

How our social workers support your recovery

  • Provide counseling, short-term therapy, brief interventions and recommendations for long-term care arrangements
  • Connect you with community resources such as financial assistance, meal coordination, support groups and health insurance coverage
  • Educate on the importance of addressing social health needs to support recovery and decrease risk for acute episodes
  • Work with you, your family and your care team to keep lines of communication open
  • Identify economic factors impacting your care as well as social and emotional challenges affecting recovery
  • Monitor progress to ensure that you are getting the support you need for recovery and overall well-being

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